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Sell My Fire Damaged House
Sell My Fire Damaged House FAST!

How To Sell Your Fire Damaged House? We Buy Houses AS-IS. It’s 100% Free.
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Sell My house for Cash Pensacola

We Buy Houses even after a fire and we are known as a reputable fast house-buying company that pays cash for houses. If you want to sell your home fast for cash, Moe Buys Homes is your local cash home buyer ready to make you a great offer today!

At Moe Buys Homeswe are ready to make you a fair all-cash offer. Best of all, when we buy your house directly from you, we buy it as-is. You walk away without having to do any repairs. We’ll even clean out the property for you. It’s that easy and convenient. We are helpers – Not hagglers!

“I want to sell my fire damaged house FAST!”

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Then you’re in the right place! Selling with a Realtor does not work for everyone, especially if you need to sell your fire home fast. Luckily, there’s a better way 🙂 Why not request an offer from us? It’s 100% FREE, and we won’t waste your time with a “low-ball” offer. Check out what Kathy A had to say about working with us. She’s just one of hundreds of homeowners we were able to help by buying their home fast & easy!

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Why Should I Sell a Fire Damaged House

Fire damage restoration and repairing fire damage in a property is usually is a lot more involved than you can imagine. A severely damaged property is not only not livable but very very few people on the market will want it and traditional lenders will not fund it. You’ll need to sell fire damaged home to a cash buyer. Over time letting your fire-damaged property sit there because you don’t know what you want to do with it will ultimately cost you due to the further damage that can occur. This will only make it harder when selling a fire-damaged property because its price will be lower. If you had no insurance you probably don’t have the means to repair it.

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My name is Moe, I take all the stress of selling a house away and deal with the hassles so you don’t have to. My goal is to make selling your property easy.

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Who Buys Fire Damaged Houses?

Real estate investors like ourselves buy fire-damaged houses because we have the cash on hand to buy the home as-is. A traditional mortgage lender will not give any funding for fire-damaged homes. We have experienced home buyers that also specialize in scenarios like this to buy fire-damaged houses. We are the right buyer for you. Do you want a cash offer for your burnt house? If so, great because we pay cash actual cash for your house with fire damage. How it works is once you fill in one of the forms on this page we underwrite the property to determine the actual cash value. We make the selling process extremely easy for you once we agree on a selling price. So what are you waiting for request a cash offer today! You’ll find a great resource on a buying and selling checklist, that will help you expedite the process.

How to Sell Fire Damaged House Fast

The best way to sell a fire-damaged home as is would be to sell to a real estate investor or cash buyer that has the budget and time to rehab the house. A house with fire damage won’t sell easily but because we buy these kinds of properties all the time we make it easy. Fire-damaged homes are our bread and butter because of our experience. We Buy Houses Fast Nationwide are expert fire-damaged house buyers and made a full guide on how to sell a fire-damaged home for homeowners to get the most cash for their house.

House Fires and Repair Costs

The repair cost for fire damage restoration varies from region to region. Though we know offhand there will be major repairs needed, there are some things like structural damage we don’t see. There is also smoke damage that needs to be addressed before the homes are deemed livable. The time investment to repair fire damage is not for everyone. Getting a cash offer is a viable solution to stack against the repair costs. Typically it cost us a minimum of $75,000 to rehab a house with fire damage. This is just the beginning, we usually factor in another 20% for surprises and need to bring the house back to code standards with the county. A fire-damaged house can be a nightmare for an inexperienced homeowner. That’s why we recommend selling a fire-damaged house.

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After Losing my Mother to Covid we needed to sell our Family Home. Moe buys homes was Very easy to deal with and Did a Fantastic Job of remodeling the house to sell. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market to sell their home.”

Sell my House fast

Chandler M.

Why We Buy Houses With Fire Damaged 

To most people, a fire-damaged house offers no value to 99% of home buyers and investors in the market. To us, we specialize in buying fire-damaged property and turning it into a new sellable livable house. For most sellers working with the insurance company to cover the cost of the rehab can be extremely exhausting in and of itself. Working with a cash home buyer allows you to walk away from your fire-damaged home whether you received an insurance check or not as a win to because we take over the burden to rebuild the home.

– No Worries, You’re in the right place!

Sell my fire damage House fast

Can I Sell a Fire Damage Property The Traditional Way

It is a difficult decision to sell your fire-damaged house. Whether it be the emotional difficulty of reliving the traumatic event or the financial burden of replacing what was lost, selling can seem like an impossible task. However, with some hard work and attention to detail, you will find that you can take steps to make this process easier on yourself and more appealing to potential home buyers.

What to do when a fire damages your house?

Suppose a fire damages your house; the most important thing is to call your insurance company and get an Estimate of Damages. You will need this estimate when you contact the appraiser and the listing insurance agent.

After that, it’s time for some staging. Remember, home buyers, want to feel like they can live in this home, too, so be sure there are things in every room that look livable. If possible, don’t buy anything new. Borrow or buy used furniture and decorations from thrift stores or garage sales.

Don’t forget about small details like having enough toilet paper stocked in the bathroom! Make sure everything is visibly clean to try to vacuum, mop up spills, etc. Throw out ruined food, and replace burned-out light bulbs. If you have a garage, be sure to put away anything that might seem dirty or messy. Finally, it’s time to show the property off. Make sure your lawn is mowed and edged up nice and tight, and trim any bushes shorter than an inch above ground level. Remove clutter from the outdoors, and make sure you have good lighting.

If the area is dark because of the damage, make sure to leave some lights on the outside at night to show off the home section.

After a fire, real estate investors acquire damaged properties for cash. The most efficient method to sell a property after a fire is to locate a passionate real estate investor.

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We buy homes in from homeowners that have some type of real estate trouble. Whatever kind of property you own, be it a Fire Damaged House, Apartment, Condo, Mobile Home, Duplex, or Land, you can sell it for cash and never pay any real estate agent commissions, fees, or closing costs. You don’t have to make any costly repairs first. You don’t need to hire a cleaning service. You don’t need to worry about curb appeal or expensive photography. Even if your house is falling apart, we will buy it for cash from you. We don’t need to wait for anyone to approve the sale because cash home buyers do not require appraisals or inspections. we can work directly with you to give you cash for your house ASAP.

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Sell Your House According To YOUR Needs!

Selling your property is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we’re not a one-size-fits-all company. In addition to paying cash for houses in , we can offer you other solutions based on your situation and needs. Whether you need to sell your house fast, or you’re not in a rush to sell, but just want to avoid the costs and hassles of selling with an agent, we can help!

Sell my House fast

Cash Advance Before Closing

Need Cash FAST? No problem! Not only can we close fast, but we can also pay you a cash advance even BEFORE the closing!

Sell my House fast

Experienced & Caring Team

We’ve been buying & selling homes in since 2016. We have an AMAZING team that closed over 900 transactions and truly loves helping people!

Sell my House fast

Specialized in Buying Inherited Homes

We can pay for Probate if needed. Many of the homes we buy were inherited. We work with a dedicated Probate attorney that can handle the process at no cost to you.

Sell my House fast

Make No Repairs or Clean Anything

Sell your house “as-is” in ANY condition! No seller’s disclosure is needed when you sell to us, so you’re not held liable and can sell with peace of mind!

Sell my House fast

We Can Help You Move & Find a New Home

Need to find a new home to move to before the closing? No problem! We can help you do just that, for FREE, and will also assist with your move if needed.

Sell my House fast

You Choose Your Move-Out Date

Do you need to stay in your home for some time AFTER the closing? That’s ok, we can make it happen!

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Sell my House fast Pensacola star reviews

Moe was very helpful and listened to my needs well. I’m happy we chose Moe to sell the house. He is a blessing to us! I recommend if you’re selling your house, try Moe buys homes first! I’m glad we did!! He is kind and welcoming even though we were difficult wanting to know every option first! Thanks Moe!

-Andreas K.

We Buy Houses For Cash

Avoid spending $50,000 or more on repairs just to make an extra fifty grand. We buy houses for cash in AS-IS condition. This means you can get cash for your home while saving tens of thousands of dollars and your time!

Skip the hassles of open houses and endless showings on top of buyer negotiations by selling your house for cash to Cash Home Buyers. No commission. No fees. Just cash in your pocket.

Instead of spending months on repairs, finding home buyers, and dealing with an uncertain closing process, work with us to sell your home fast (as little as 7 days) and on the closing date, you choose! Imagine what you could do with the time saved.

Sell my fire damaged house

Sell Fire Damaged House for Cash Quick

We buy houses even after a fire because we like taking on the challenge and making a win win for sellers looking to sell. We work with our partners nationwide and are experienced in dealing with the city if its already been condemned. Request a cash offer to have a chat with us today.

We are not here to waste your time. We are not here to make you a lowball offer. We will present you with our offer range over the phone, so we know right away whether we are good fit for each other. If you want to learn more, fill out form to get started!

Tips for selling a house after it’s been damaged by fire

  • Do some research to learn what the market value of your home is before you decide on a starting point.
  • Decide which rooms you want to show potential home buyers and then make those rooms as attractive as possible by adding fresh flowers, general cleaning, and removing old furniture or appliances that don’t work.
  • Consider staging your home so it feels inviting, even if you can’t afford to buy new furniture.
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of the property – this could help you get a better price for it.
  • Remove personal items like family photos, children’s drawings, and any other items that could turn off potential buyers.
  • Do not cancel your insurance policy or accept a payout for your damage before selling the property otherwise, you’ll lose out on the chance to recover additional funds through the home buyer. This will also help prevent you from regretting your decision later on.
  • Do not admit to anything if you’re asked about the fire damage
  • It’s your responsibility as a seller to disclose this information, but don’t volunteer it before it becomes necessary. Keep in mind that some states require you to repair damages caused by the fire, even if they were forced after you bought the house.

Cash For Your House – Quick & Easy!


We Buy Houses Cash, so it doesn’t matter how many repairs are needed! Remember, we buy in “As-Is” condition, so you DON’T need to sign a “Seller’s Disclosure” & be liable for issues that may come back to bite you after closing.


We can buy your house quickly regardless of the situation you might be in. Code Violations, Open Permits, Behind on Mortgage/Taxes, Liens, Inherited Property… it does NOT matter. It’s free for you to see how much we can offer!


No Clean-Up or Fixing Needed!


“Sell Your House As-Is” is not just a saying… We mean it! We’ve purchased houses full of mold, Chinese drywall, trash everywhere, rotten food in the fridge, etc. We don’t judge. We Buy Properties in “As-Is” in ANY Condition – The dirtier it is, the more excited we get to see how it can be transformed 🙂

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  • TRUSTWORTHY  – We are ’s number one rated cash homebuyer because we treat people with integrity and respect. Our reviews speak for themselves
  • We ALWAYS CLOSE – When we buy your house you can be sure the deal will go through. We never back out
  • NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS – We are not realtors. This means no commissions or fees when selling to us
  • WE ARE FAST – We can close quickly. In as little as 7 days.
  • WE’RE LOCAL – As residents of , we understand the market and want to improve our local community.
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“Moe and his team were great to work with. They closed quickly and made the process of selling our property easy and seamless. I would highly recommend working with them. Very knowledgeable and professional.

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Patty S.

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Moe Buys Homes is a legitimate real estate investor and buys property as-is, including vacant land, condos, and apartments. We buy “hard to sell” houses involving probate or inheritance, repairs or even fire-damaged home, foreclosure or violations, and eviction or problem tenant.

We Buy Fire Damaged Houses Sell My Fire Damaged House For Cash Sell My Fire Damaged House Fast Cash Home Buyers Cash For My Fire Damaged House

We Buy Fire Damaged Houses Sell My Fire Damaged House For Cash Sell My Fire Damaged House Fast Cash Cash For My Fire Damaged House

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