Dealing with home damages and repairs can be time-consuming and strenuous on your wallet. Damages that accrue over time, like hard water damage, can end up damaging your plumbing system and appliances. Not all homes experience hard water damage, but if you do, it can be frustrating to continually not feel clean. Find out what hard water is, how it can affect your home, and explore the option to sell your home as-is to Moe Buys Homes, offering a quick and hassle-free selling process.

WHAT IS HARD WATER? When dealing with hard water damage, it’s crucial to understand what hard water is to find solutions to rid your home of potential damages. Hard water is water with a high content of calcium and magnesium. Other minerals, including zinc, barium, aluminum, copper, and manganese, can also be present. The higher the mineral content, the harder the water. While hard water doesn’t pose health risks, it can leave residue leading to plumbing and maintenance issues in your home.

HOW HARD WATER AFFECTS YOUR HOME If left untreated, hard water can cause several issues in your home. Learn about the problems hard water can cause and common signs to look for.

SHORTENED HOT WATER HEATER LIFESPAN Hot water heaters, typically lasting up to 10 years, may see a reduced lifespan, sometimes as short as four years, if hard water is present. Limescale can form, reducing the heater’s efficiency, and mineral deposits can accumulate, affecting the available hot water.

CLOGGED PLUMBING Untreated hard water can lead to drain clogs due to minerals reacting with soap, causing hardening in pipes. This can result in blockages, pinhole leaks, and joinery gaps. A home water filtration or softening unit can help prevent extensive damage.

SOAP RESIDUE Hard water and soap don’t mix well. Soap doesn’t lather effectively, and soap suds formation is compromised. Investing in a hard water softener can decrease soap usage and prevent residue buildup.

MINERAL BUILDUP Hard water can lead to stubborn mineral buildup, especially around faucets, requiring effort to remove. As long as hard water is in use, periodic maintenance will be necessary.

SLOW DRAINS Mineral buildup can slow down drain pipes, leading to more frequent clogs. Soft water can eliminate minerals present in hard water, helping your plumbing and drains return to efficient functioning.

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