Selling your home can be as challenging as the buying process, especially when your property has sustained damage. Opting for a cash sale to Moe Buys Homes, the best cash home buyers, can provide a hassle-free solution. Wondering what types of damage we purchase? Here’s a breakdown of various forms of damage we’ve encountered in the homes we’ve bought.

STORM DAMAGE: Severe weather can cause havoc on your property, leading to damage on the siding, roof, and gutters. If left unnoticed, storm damage can worsen over time.

WATER DAMAGE: Indicated by discolored walls, bubbling paint, or a musty odor, water damage can result from storms, leaky pipes, or faulty appliances. It may lead to structural issues, electrical problems, and mold growth.

LEAD PAINT: Homes built before the 1980s may contain lead paint, posing health risks. Disclosure of lead paint presence is mandatory by law, and lack of knowledge requires a disclosure statement.

PET DAMAGE: While pets bring joy, they can cause damage like scratched floors, odors, and claw marks. Selling your home for cash can bypass the need for costly repairs.

FOUNDATION CRACKS: Cracks in a home’s foundation, such as horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, can affect stability and moisture prevention, complicating the selling process.

MOLD: Water damage often leads to mold growth, posing health risks. Even after remediation, homes with a history of mold may face decreased value due to buyer reluctance.

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