Selling your house can be a complex and costly process. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the hidden expenses involved when taking the traditional route. That’s why our team is here to shed light on these concealed fees and explain why selling to a home-buying company like Moe Buys Homes in Mobile AL is a smarter choice.

Hidden Fees When Selling a Home

  1. Pre-Inspection Costs: Before listing your home, a pre-inspection is advisable to uncover any issues that might devalue your property. However, this inspection isn’t free and can set you back anywhere from $200 to $500, excluding potential repair costs.
  2. Repair Expenses: Addressing necessary repairs can help you fetch a higher selling price, but it comes at a cost. Homebuyers often request their own inspections, and if issues arise, you may be asked to foot the repair bill. Significant problems, like foundation issues averaging around $4,539, can be financially burdensome.
  3. Real Estate Agent Commissions: If you choose to work with a realtor, be prepared for agent commissions. Typically, the seller covers both the listing and buyer’s agent commissions. While the exact cost varies, the average commission hovers around six percent of the sale price.
  4. Seller Closing Costs: Closing the sale involves additional expenses beyond the sale price. Seller closing costs include agent commissions, transfer tax, title insurance, HOA fees, and various other fees. Zillow estimates these costs at an average of 8 to 10 percent of the home’s sale price.

Save Money and Simplify the Process with Moe Buys Homes If you’re looking to minimize costs and simplify the home-selling process, consider selling to Moe Buys Homes in Mobile AL. We purchase homes as-is, in cash, without requiring repairs or charging commissions or closing fees. This not only saves you money but also valuable time. With us, you can experience a hassle-free sale that ensures you keep more of your hard-earned equity. Contact us today to receive your cash offer and learn how we can make your home-selling experience smoother and more cost-effective.

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