Selling your house can be motivated by various factors. Some homeowners look to sell for practical reasons, like needing more space for their growing families, while others encounter more unconventional challenges, such as owning a house they believe to be haunted.

While it might sound like the stuff of ghost stories, some homeowners claim to have experienced paranormal activity in their homes. In fact, according to Rocket Homes, a surprising 10.5 percent of surveyed homeowners believe they are currently residing in a haunted house.

After living with these eerie occurrences for years, selling your home might seem like a daunting prospect. But is having a haunted house really a deal-breaker for potential buyers? Our team will provide answers and guidance on how to sell a haunted house.

IS YOUR HOUSE REALLY HAUNTED? Before jumping to the conclusion that your house is haunted, it’s essential to investigate potential explanations for the unusual phenomena you’ve encountered. Consider the age and condition of your home; sometimes, electrical issues, plumbing quirks, or pest problems can give rise to strange noises or odd sensations.

A professional home inspection can help rule out structural or mechanical problems. If the inspection doesn’t uncover any issues, and you’re still experiencing unexplained phenomena, then it might be time to consider the supernatural. The New York Paranormal Society highlights some common signs of a potentially haunted house, such as:

  • Strange or unexplained odors
  • Unexpected fluctuations in room temperature
  • Rapidly draining or malfunctioning electronics
  • Unusual sounds, including footsteps or whispers
  • Experiencing inexplicable chills or unease


  1. List it traditionally: You can choose to list your haunted house on the market through the conventional route, either by hiring a real estate agent or selling it yourself. While this method is widely recognized, it does come with certain drawbacks.Drawbacks: The process can be time-consuming, and there’s the risk that potential buyers may withdraw from the sale if they discover major issues or paranormal activity in the house. The question remains, do you have to disclose the haunting?Whether you need to disclose such information depends on the state in which your house is located. Most states require disclosure of “material defects” like structural damage or flooding. However, only some states require disclosure of “psychological impact,” such as homicides, suicides, or natural deaths on the property or suspected paranormal activity. You may want to consult a real estate attorney to determine whether or not to disclose this information before listing. In Nebraska, for instance, no state law explicitly mandates agents and sellers to disclose the psychological impact on the property.
  2. Sell to a company that buys homes: Alternatively, you can sell your haunted house to a company that purchases homes. These companies offer streamlined processes, ensuring a quick sale for cash. Here’s how it works: someone assesses your property and offers you a cash sum. They purchase the house as-is, sparing you the need for any repairs.
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